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Hear why these international students chose LSU and what their experience has been like so far.

Ruichen, China
Landscape Architecture

Ruichen, a landscape architecture major, was only able to say “Hello” in English when arrived in the United States from Zhengzhou, China, in the fall of 2015. But through his hard work and focus as an LSU Global student, he completed his English language requirements, has excelled in his college courses and even worked as a photographer at the university’s student newspaper.

Nisha, India
Chemical Engineering

Nisha had never left India before applying for college in the United States and said some members of her community were skeptical about a girl moving so far away to attend school. But her parents supported her and told her she was strong enough to pursue her goals. And, one year later, the chemical engineering major said the experience has been incredible as she meets and learns with friends from around the world and prepares herself to earn a degree and eventually open her own company.

Tolu image

Tolu, Nigeria

Film & Media Arts

"I expected to be by myself trying to figure everything out by myself, but it's actually been the opposite of that. The people from LSU Global are a very friendly set of people. I've had a lot of people helping me — both other students and the LSU Global staff — if I don't understand something, so it's been a very easy process for me with lots of people helping guide me."
Mercedes image

Mercedes, Panama

Coastal Environmental Science

"I really, really like the LSU Global team. If I have any problems I can come here and they can help me. I don’t feel alone here. When I come here I don’t know anything. They helped me with my meal plan, the place that I live, how to ask something to my professor, how to use Moodle, how to use my tiger card. All the things to be successful here.”
Faiza image

Faiza, Pakistan

Biological Sciences, Pre-med

"LSU Global has helped me in a lot of ways; because of them I’m able to target my strong areas and work on my weaknesses. I can be a good leader, volunteer and work as a tutor in the future. They are gradually teaching me the areas I need to work on and what my strengths are."
Tamara image

Tamara, Ukraine

Petroleum Engineering

"I felt a little bit nervous because when you come to a new continent you don’t know what to expect. and I was tired because the flight was so long. Thanks to LSU Global I felt welcome and almost like at home. I’m really glad that I’m part of LSU and LSU Global. I think that with the help of LSU I can engineer my future."
Leo image

Leo, China


“I would say many students who study abroad feel lonely, and they miss home. But I think the Global office really is like a Global Family, and LSU Global is like a bridge connecting your old life to your new life in the U.S. It helps me a lot.”
Etse image

Etse, Nigeria


"People who study in the US get jobs so easily in my country. You have greater opportunities here. LSU is big in business, and I’m an economics major so that’s why [I chose LSU]."

I checked for top engineering schools and I saw LSU and it was very attractive. I [read] about the history, the people, the state and football and it was a good answer for me.

Tife, Nigeria

“A major part that helped me personally achieve my goals was using the resources put together by LSU to help you succeed. One resource was the Shell Tutoring Center. It’s located in the library, and they can help you with all of your school needs."

Talal, United Arab Emirates

“They are very professional, and the most important thing is they just treat me like family. They just make me feel at home."

Xuejiao, China
Jade, Panama
Animal Sciences: Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Severe weather provided delays with and obstacles to Jade’s arrival to Baton Rouge in August 2016, but the pre-veterinary student said LSU Global helped her navigate those challenges. And she hasn’t slowed down since: Jade began volunteering to help community members affected by flood before even taking her first university class and established herself as a leader among her peers, while also maintaining A’s and B’s in her classes and gaining hands-on experience in her field.

Yogiswara, Indonesia
Petroleum Engineering

Yogi is one of LSU Global’s first students from Southeast Asia and has set the bar high for younger students. The petroleum engineering student performed so well academically during his first year that he was invited to join the Alpha Lambda Delta honor society, a national organization that provides more than $200,000 in annual scholarship funds to students across the United States.

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