Welcome to Your Beautiful New Home

Fall in love with LSU's charming, picturesque campus — the way so many students and visitors do. The gorgeous landscape of trees, flowers and other plant life and mix of traditional architecture with modern, state-of-the-art updates make the university one of the nation's most attractive. And the atmosphere, spirit and hospitality make this beautiful place feel like home.

Mike the Tiger

LSU’s campus is home to about 6,000 residents — but none more famous than Mike the Tiger, the only live tiger university mascot in the United States and a physical embodiment of the community’s pride and school spirit.

LSU purchased the first “Mike the Tiger,” a cub named Sheik, from the Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas for $750 — 25 cents from each student — and introduced him to campus on October 21, 1936. The mascot was given the name “Mike” in honor of athletic department trainer Chellis “Mike” Chambers, credited as being most responsible for bringing the cat to campus.

The current tiger, Mike VII, was born September 13, 2016 and arrived August 15, 2017 in his newly renovated 15,000-square-foot habitat, where he is under the care and supervision of a personal veterinarian from the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. David Baker, and two veterinary students.

Four of the six previous Mikes have lived at least 17 years, including Mike IV, reaching 20 years, 9 months and 18 days, and Mike I and Mike III, reaching 19 years old. Tigers typically live about 14 to 18 years in captivity.

University Recreation

LSU’s state-of-the-art Recreation Complex is among the United States’ best after renovations completed in 2017. The expanded, modern facilities offer students free access to approximately 250,000 square feet of activity space to keep healthy and have fun!

Courts and activity spaces
In addition to weights and cardio equipment, the recent renovations have expanded the UREC to include a rock-climbing wall; 16 courts for basketball, indoor soccer, racket ball and other sports; a boxing gym; indoor and outdoor pools; and a leisure pool spelling “L-S-U.”

Fitness classes
Students can participate in a variety of free fitness classes and reasonably priced personal training sessions to help reach their fitness goals.

The UREC also organizes several intramural sports leagues — including soccer, basketball, softball, badminton and flag football — for teams of students to compete.

Students can rent bicycles, canoes, tents and other outdoor gear, or even participate in various trips involving biking, hiking, kayaking and more.

Other campus highlights

Tiger Stadium — the sixth-largest stadium in the world holds 102,321 LSU fans

Parade Ground — the open field initially used for military exercises is now a great spot to study or relax

University Lakes — the picturesque settings are popular spots for students to walk, run, bike and boat

Memorial Tower — this 1923 World War I memorial is one of the university's most famous symbols

Barnes & Noble bookstore — LSU's bookstore is the United States' largest on-campus Barnes & Noble

Business Education Complex — the 156,000-square-foot, world-class facility includes a trading room

Dairy Store — this on-campus shop makes and sells its own ice cream, meats and other products

Petroleum Engineering Research & Technology Transfer Lab — full-scale oil rig for students' experience

Student Union — home to several restaurants, study rooms, theater, ball rooms and other offices

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