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Need advice starting your LSU career? Returning LSU Global students have you covered!

LSU Global student Ruichen gives a thumbs up.

LSU Global provides a week-long orientation before every semester to help ensure its new students are set up and prepared to be successful university students.

But even with that process, fully settling into campus and the surrounding area can take some time to find the best restaurants, study spots, stores and routines to fit one’s personal needs and tastes.

Exploring the different options available can help even Baton Rouge natives find new favorites.

But some returning LSU Global students have had some tips to help get the newest members of the program family started.

Check out some of what Marwan Adawi, Talal Alhashmi, Mohammed Almuaybid, Jiayun Ma, Vanessa Chinonye Ndu-Agwu and Yousef Tayeb.

A group of LSU Global students and staff celebrate a Friday afternoon

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

LSU Global staff members are always available to help provide insight and support.

But other people around campus — whether other students, other faculty and staff or anyone else — can often be great resources as well.

“People are very helpful,” said Vanessa Chinonye Ndu-Agwu, a microbiology student from Nigeria. “Like when I first got here, it was terrible: I didn’t go anywhere. Even though, they showed us everwhere during orientation, I’m very forgetful, and I didn’t go anywhere. And then I really relied on people telling me, ‘Oh, go to this place’ or ‘Let me show you the way.’ If not for that, I probably would’ve missed all my classes for two weeks!”

Chemical engineering major Jiayun Ma, from China, added: “Talk with other people. Don’t just stay in your room.”

Don’t miss class!

“Don’t travel during class,” Ma said. “I traveled last semester and missed some class. I would say don’t do that. Travel in between semesters.”

That advice might seem simple, but some students might surprise you.

Even if you’re not taking a trip, though, make sure you get to class — and participate!

Explore the area.

“I didn’t know where to go or what to do until I came to Global, and they told me where to go,” said Talal Alhashmi, a petroleum engineering student from United Arab Emirates. “I would say try to stay in areas close to campus, like Burbank or on Nicholson Drive. That’s where most of the people go during the days off, and there are really nice restaurants.”

Other areas have their own options to offer, too, for those who have the means and interest in venturing a little farther.

Mohammed Almuaybid, a mechanical engineering major from Saudi Arabia, said he found his favorite seafood restaurant about 20 minutes from campus.

Chicken is apparently an LSU Global favorite.

LSU Global students love Raising Canes, a fast-expanding chicken restaurant started by a former LSU student.

“Cane’s,” Marwan Adawi and Yousef Tayeb both quickly responded as one of the best restaurants near campus — in line with many other LSU Global students.

“Actually, I like to eat in my apartment, but if I want to go to a restaurant, it will be Buffalo Wild Wings,” Almuaybid chimed in. “That’s the best restaurant here.”

Ma said he also cooks most of his meals at his apartment, but agreed that, when he does go to restaurants, many of his favorites are in the North Gate area.

“Newk’s and Buffalo Wild Wings, and also Cane’s,” he said.

Alhashmi prefers to head the other direction, again touting the Burbank/Nicholson side of campus.

“Pluckers on Nicholson Drive is my favorite one,” he said. “They have really nice food. Then you have a Sonic and a bunch of Arabic restaurants that are there, so you can find some halal food. That was pretty much what I needed to know before I came here.”

The Zabihah website and phone application provides information on and directions to restaurants and groceries with hala food options, such as Atcha Bakery, Almaza, Bay Leaf or India’s.

Atcha Bakery is a favorite halal option for LSU students

And Chinese food…

Chinese and Japanese food have been another favorite of LSU Global students from several countries, including China.

“Like Geauld Tiger’s, right behind the Pentagon, that’s pretty good,” Ndu-Agwu said.

The dining area in the Student Union includes a Panda Express and On-The-Geaux sushi, while Koi, Nine Dragon and Chinese Inn are among other nearby options.

Time management is crucial!

College is fun, but it’s also a lot of work.

And one of the most critical skills for any student to learn in the process is time management.

Student Young Ju studies in the LSU Bookstore

“When it comes to study, you should try to study at least a week or two weeks before a test,” Ndu-Agwu said. “Because you might feel like you have some time, but then you look at all the work you have to get done and you realize you don’t have that much time. So time management is important.

“During the summer, it was really bad for me finding time to study for two different tests at the same time that I have on the same day. There’s just so much work to cover, so time management would be something I would say to take note of.”

Added Ma: “If you have a Monday-Wednesday-Friday class, you can finish up your homework Monday after class. Don’t wait until right before the Wednesday class to do it.”

Places to study….

Different students learn more successfully in different methods or settings.

Many LSU Global students seem to prefer the quiet and comfort of their own residence hall or apartment rooms — although other options for individual or group study include various buildings on campus or nearby coffee shops.

“I study in the computer room in the Pentagon, but it can get noisy there,” Ndu-Agwu said. “I don’t like to study in the library because it’s so many people. I like to study in my room, alone, so I’d probably say my room is my favorite.”

Added Alhashmi: “I personally like to study alone, and I study in my room with music. I found the best way to study for me was with music because when I’m in a test I tend to play back the lyrics in my head and I’ll remember certain words and certain things from when I studied. But when it came to big exams and big tests, if I needed help, I went to friends’ places.

“And if they can’t accomodate me there, we would go to the Union, actually. There are some offices there, which you have to rent out, but they’re usually empty. It’s usually much quieter than the library, but the library has the fourth floor or third floor where you can go and it’s more quiet.”

Many LSU Global students also take advantage of the program’s tutors, available in the Student Union throughout the week, or tutoring provided by specific academic departments.

Enjoy football season!

The LSU football team will begin its season Saturday before returning home for a matchup Saturday, Sept. 10, against Jacksonville State.

LSU Global will host a tailgate that day to help welcome its newer students to that and other game day traditions.

“Expect the tailgating and seeing all your friends having a wild, nice time and just learning different chants they have in the stadium, different cheers,” Alhashmi said. “That was a nice part: Just feeling like one community trying to win something, win a prize, and you always support each other. It’s just a wicked time you have — even before and after the games.”

Meet LSU Global’s newest students

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Several of the new Tigers volunteered to help local residents affected by the flood before even beginning their classes at the university.

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