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LSU celebrates International Education Week 2019

LSU students celebrate Global aWEARness Day

International education provides cultural learning opportunities for not only foreign students at U.S. universities, but also their domestic classmates.

And few events or weeks represent a more prominent exchange than International Education Week every November.

LSU Global, LSU International Programs, and LSU College of Agriculture will partner again to host several activities Monday, Nov. 18, through Friday, Nov. 22, for this year’s celebration.

Each day will include multiple events, from Global aWEARness Day on Monday, through Taste of the World on Wednesday at The 5 dining hall, and Student Government’s Unity Mixer on Friday.

Students are encouraged to dress to represent their home country or favorite country, with traditional attire or other clothes showing the nation’s name, flag, colors, or culture, as part of Global aWEARness Day to start the week.

And Taste of the World will provide a chance to enjoy dishes from all over the world, including nine favorites submitted by LSU Global students.

“It’s interesting,” said Haibo Li, a second-year marketing analytics major from China. “For me, I really love to share my culture with other students who are interested… Like my roommate, Josh, I talk with him some about my culture back home, and he is planning to go to Hong Kong after he graduates.

“And I always love to learn new cultures. Like I talk to Juan from Colombia about the differences in school in our home countries, or I’ve talked to another student from Japan about food and things like that.”

Check the schedule below for the full list of activities, and follow @LSUglobal on Instagram throughout the week and check out more information on each specific event.


List of International Education Week events 2019.


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