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Jenish Tandel: ‘LSU Global is the best program that I could ever know’

Headshot of LSU Global student Jenish Tandel

Jenish Tandel said he couldn’t wait to arrive to LSU.

Awaiting him first in New York, though, were the disappointment and challenges of a two-day delay to his connecting flight because of a snow storm hitting the area.

But the new student was excited and thankful to LSU Global staff for their help navigating the situation and still managing to begin his college career positively.

“I didn’t know where to go,” said Jenish, a pre-veterinary student from India who lived most recently in Kenya. “The trains stopped. There were no taxis. But I contacted (LSU Global Student Services Director) Brian (Webb), and he was really helpful. He helped connect me with Andrew (Yang) at another LSU Global partner in New York. He ordered me an Uber. He helped me with a hotel. He took me to dinner. I really enjoyed it. Even though it was not their responsibility, they really helped me out with everything from getting to the hotel and booking a hotel.

“Honestly, LSU Global is the best program that I could ever know.”

Yang was a student services advisor at LSU Global before transferring closer to home to Adelphi International, where he is now assistant student services director.

And his work with Webb immediately provided the new student comfort and relief despite the difficult situation.

“It made me feel at home,” Jenish said. “Literally, I was feeling so good when Mr. Brian told me someone was going to help me out. And when I met Mr. Andrew, it felt really nice, because I was so lost at the airport. It was my first time in America. They helped me out a lot.”

Jenish finally arrived on a Saturday night to Baton Rouge, where Webb and the rest of the LSU Global staff helped him settle into his new home and get prepared for his first semester of college.

“As soon as I arrived, I met (student services advisor) Jerit (Roser), and he helped me get moved in and helped with the WiFi problems I was having at first and everything,” Jenish said. “That was really nice of him. And the next day was a holiday, but still Mr. Brian came and helped me with everything, beginning taking me through my orientation and taking me to get a SIM card and walking me through everything.

“The whole Global staff has just been so amazing to me and so helpful. I really appreciate them from the bottom of my heart.”


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