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International students celebrate LSU football team’s national championship

LSU Global students celebrate national championship

LSU Global students gathered Monday night to watch the LSU football team win the national championship.

The international students, many of whom had never seen American football before beginning college, were thrilled to watch their university prove itself the best in the United States’ most popular sport.

“I’m just super happy because they won it my first year here,” said first-year finance student Minh Tran, from Vietnam. “Through this journey with the team and the school I can see exactly what I wanted to see when I decided to go here. It’s the sense of pride in being a part of the LSU community. And the championship really brought everyone even closer, too.”

Many fans, media members and other experts have called the Tigers’ undefeated 15-0 season the greatest or most impressive performance in the history of college football.

LSU defeated an unprecedented seven opponents ranked in the top 10, including the teams ranked No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, and No. 4 in the preseason polls and defending champion Clemson, 42-25, in Monday’s championship game.

Senior quarterback Joe Burrow, the winner of this year’s Heisman Trophy as the best player in the country, finished among the top three in college football history in all major passing statistics.

“What an incredible season this has been, from winning all the games and the championship and the Heisman trophy and setting so many world records and LSU records,” said first-year mechanical engineering student Yash Singh, from India. “This has been one of the most incredible seasons. And me, personally, witnessing it my first year at LSU, I’m glad I got to witness it. I enjoyed the games. I was at the stadiums cheering for my team. Geaux Tigers!”

A few international students drove the one-hour trip to New Orleans to join the overwhelming support and celebration for the football team.

Most students gathered in apartments to watch the game together on television, while others joined parties at local restaurants.

“I remember watching the championship game a year ago when Clemson destroyed Alabama, alone in my room, since I was the only college football fan I knew in Poland,” said first-year computer science student Patryk Czerniewicz. “Back then, I would have never imagined that just a year later my own university would not only play for the championship, but win it in such a fashion.

“What made it even better was that I could enjoy the game with me friends, who, just like myself, are college football fans from all over the world. We all got a huge tailgate meal from Raising Cane’s and watched a historic moment unfold in front our eyes. It is an experience I will certainly never forget, and the fact that I could live through it with my closest friends made it 10 times better.”



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