History, Culture and Fun

Baton Rouge — and Louisiana as a whole — is full of opportunity for not only academics and business, but culture and fun. When you’re ready for a study break, make sure to check out all the local experiences available!

Man-Made and Natural Beauty

Baton Rouge - Capital view


LSU is located just three miles from downtown Baton Rouge, where a mixture of government buildings, museums, offices and restaurants provide a taste of the politics, art, business, law and cuisine the city has to offer. And don’t forget to check out North Boulevard Town Square, Repentance Park and Raising Canes River Center for a variety of concerts, exhibits, festivals and other activities. There’s always something to do in south Louisiana!

Baton Rouge residents paddle board on one of LSU's lakes.

Outdoor Adventures

Louisiana is known as “Sportsman’s Paradise,” with an environment unlike any other and a wide array of fish, wildlife and outdoor activities available for those interested. LSU students can access bicycles, canoes, paddle boards, tents and more equipment on campus to take on adventures on the university’s lakes, around Baton Rouge and out into the neighboring country, or even register for longer trips during breaks from class.

Southern Culture

Southeast Louisiana is one of the United States' greatest ''melting pots'' of culture as a result of its influences from France, Africa, the Caribbean, Spain and Latin America, which are evident in the region's cuisine, music, language, architecture, celebrations and other traditions.

Louisiana cuisine is known first and foremost for its seafood — stretching from its famous boiled crawfish to an array of fish and other shellfish — and spicy Cajun and Creole influences. But the area also prides itself on other selections.
Life in Louisiana comes with its own soundtrack. Jazz music, born in New Orleans in the 1800s, and its influences remain deeply ingrained in the state’s daily life, but a wide array of styles leave their mark. Enjoy concerts of any number of genres any night of the week, brass bands playing in the streets or even entire festivals that you can read more about on the Attractions page.
LSU Global students consistently mention how nicely the people they meet at LSU and in Baton Rouge treat them. Residents of the region are often known for their “Southern hospitality”: a welcoming nature and inclination to treat visitors as close friends and family. This attitude is another major aspect of Louisiana culture.

Baton Rouge To-Dos

There's always something to do in Baton Rouge! Louisiana's capital, an hour from both New Orleans and Lafayette, is the perfect city to explore the eclectic culture of a unique state. Food, music, politics, sports, business and so much more are at your fingertips in city the French called the ''Red Stick.''

High-level sports
Professional sports teams such as the NFL’s Saints and NBA’s Pelicans are just a short trip away in New Orleans. But LSU students live within walking distance of some of the best sports in the country.

Millions of fans come from all over the world every year to support the university’s elite athletics programs. Where better to show your school spirit than the world’s seventh-largest stadium in the world, Tiger Stadium, to cheer for the football team? Or Alex Box Stadium, where the baseball team has led the nation in attendance for 22 straight years?

The Chimes and Louie’s
In addition to LSU’s many on-campus dining options, Baton Rouge is full of great restaurants to suit many different tastes. Two great places to start would be The Chimes and Louie’s Cafe, two of the city’s most well-known favorites, right on the edge of campus. The Chimes offers a wealth of seafood and other traditional Louisiana dishes, while Louie’s serves breakfast, sandwiches and more 24 hours a day, all week long.

Mall of Louisiana and Perkins Rowe
Baton Rouge is full of stores to find all the clothes, decor, electronics, food, furniture and other goods you could possibly need — from some of the most popular venues in the Mall of Louisiana and Perkins Rowe to many other shops across the city.

State government
Living in Louisiana’s capital city means a front-row glimpse into the politics and legal system that govern the state, including the new and old state capitol buildings just a few minutes from LSU’s campus.

Art & History
Check out any number of the many museums and historical landmarks on campus and around Baton Rouge, including the Museum of Natural Science, Museum of Art, Art & Science Museum, Rural Life Museum, USS Kidd battleship and Magnolia Mound Plantation.

Ready to explore Baton Rouge?

Walk, bike or ride around ''BR'' — or even down to New Orleans! And with one airport only a few minutes from campus and another just down the road, you can easily branch out around the U.S. and the world, too!

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