LSU Alumni: This is Connection.

LSU graduates include award-winning performers, world-renowned orthopedic surgeons, famous athletes, global architects and more. Below are just a few of our influential alumni.
One day, you could be one of them!
Carlos Roberto Flores photo

Carlos Roberto Flores

President of Honduras from 1997–2001
Bachelor of Science: Industrial Engineering (1971), and Bachelor of Science: International Trade & Finance (1973)
Shaquille O'Neal photo

Shaquille O’Neal

Olympic gold medalist, Basketball Hall of Fame inductee, four-time NBA champion and 15-time NBA All-Star
Bachelor of Arts: Business Administration (1992)
Lolo Jones photo

Lolo Jones

U.S. Olympic track athlete in Summer and Bobsledder in Winter Games, three-time NCAA champion and 11-time All-American; LSU Young Alumna of the Year (2015)
Bachelor of Arts: Economics (2004)
Dr. James Andrews photo

Dr. James Andrews

World-renowned orthopedic surgeon whose clients include Michael Jordan, Brett Favre and Albert Pujols
Bachelor of Arts & Sciences: Medical Combined (1963), and LSU School of Medicine (1967)
Pat Hewlett photo

Pat Hewlett

Former Vice President and Chief Information Officer of ExxonMobil (the world's largest energy company)
Bachelor of Science: Mathematics (1972)
Eric Arturo Delvalle

Eric Arturo Delvalle

President of Panama from 1985–1988, Vice President of Panama 1984–1985
Enrolled Fall 1953 to Spring 1956
Beth Wilems Clark photo

Beth Wilems Clark

Chief Information Officer and Vice President of IT for Lockheed-Martin
Bachelor of Science: Quantitative Business Analysis – Operations Management (1992)
Reinosuke Hara photo

Reinosuke Hara

Founder and former president and CEO of electronics company Seiko Instruments
Honorary Doctor of Science (1992)

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