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Tiger Bites: Dairy Store

LSU Global students visit the university's Dairy Store for a behind-the-scenes tour.
 My favorite dessert spot on campus is LSU’s Dairy Store. Last time on Tiger Bites, John, our Marketing Coordinator, his favorite halal restaurant, Atcha Bakery.

I picked the LSU Dairy Store for a multitude of reasons:

  1. I LOVE ice cream.
  2. It’s special ice cream made from milk from our campus cows.
  3. I want ice cream right now.

Unfortunately, this time Andrew Yang, our Student Advisor, could not join us, but his loss was our gain. We were joined by two of our awesome students, Jiayun Ma, from China, and Talal Alhashmi, from UAE. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.
(HINT: Be sure to watch it until the very end)


About Tiger Bites Video Series:

LSU Global students can enjoy culinary delights from their home country. One of the great things about restaurants in America is culinary diversity. Interested in learning more about university life in America? Click the link below to watch more Tiger Bites Videos.


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