5 “App-ealing” Ways to Learn English

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Did you know that there are some great mobile apps to help you with your English?

With these apps below, you can get more comfortable using English and discover new words. Soon, you’ll be using them in classes, while making new friends and having fun at the LSU International Accelerator Program.

1. Duolingo

Learning should be fun. And Duolingo makes learning and practicing English very fun! How? By turning it into a game where you earn points for completing speaking, translation and multiple choice challenges.

And each lesson is short. So you can learn even when you’re waiting for the bus or for class to start. You can even compete with friends, for extra motivation. No wonder Duolingo was named Google’s Best of the Best 2014 and Apple’s 2013 App of the Year!

Cost: Free
Download: Android / iOS / Windows Phone
Website: www.duolingo.com (site available in 22 languages)


2. Learn English, Speak English

You can’t get more comfortable speaking English unless you, well, speak English. That’s what makes the Learn English, Speak English app so helpful. It’s like you’re having an actual conversation.

But instead of talking with a real person, you use your phone’s microphone to “speak” with various video characters. So you get to practice your English without being nervous like when you’re speaking to a real person. How cool is that?

Cost: 16 free levels, plus nearly 200 more lessons for purchase
Download: Android / iOS
Website: www.speakingpal.com


3. Google Translate

This powerful app from Google doesn’t look fancy. But it’s very powerful. What do we mean? It translates 90 languages. It can translate conversations in real-time – just press the microphone button. You can even point your camera at a sign or text and Google Translate will tell you what it means. You don’t even need to take a photo!

Like we said, powerful. And very useful if you come across a word you don’t know yet when studying.

Cost: Free
Download: Android / iOS
Website: translate.google.com


4. Memrise

You know how sometimes you just can’t find the English word you want? The Memrise app focuses on helping you learn English words (and words in 200 other languages, if you get bored).

Memrise makes learning easier and a lot more fun. Each word is tied to a funny drawing or other way to help you remember it. You’ll laugh while you learn, and that will encourage you to learn even more. Plus, as you learn you can also add your own funny ideas to help others learn too.

Cost: Free
Download: Android / iOS
Website: www.memrise.com


5. LearnEnglish Grammar (US Edition)

With English, using grammar properly can be especially tricky. LearnEnglish Grammar takes a fun interactive approach, like dragging and dropping answers or rearranging words. You also get a mix of text, images and audio to keep you engaged.

All together, you’ll find four levels of learning, from beginner to advanced. Each level has more than 600 grammar activities, plus tests to help show you your progress.

Cost: 3 free packs of lessons, 9 more packs for $0.99 each
Download: Android / iOS
Website: learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/en/apps/learnenglish-grammar-us-edition

Is there any English learning apps that you find helpful? Share with other students in the comment section below.


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